Audi A2 a caminho até 2019

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27 jan 2016, 14:42

  • Audi is in early stage of development of an all-new city car, which is expected to be offered in both conventional and all-electric versions in 2019, most likely branded the A2.

    The A2 was on the market in 1999-2004, but sales failed to meet expectations, and the German manufacturer shut down the project.

    In 2011, A2 was back as a pure electric concept car at Frankfurt Motor Show with intention to begin production maybe as early as 2013. It could have been a competitor to the BMW i3, but alas, the A2 did not live on to see the production stage.

    Maybe the new 4-seater will have more luck, although the forecasted price difference between ICE and EV versions is high (especially for 2019) – £15,500 ($22,500) and £25,000 ($36,000). ... of-decade/

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